S12 Stun Gun + LED Flashlight + Alarm 120db - 3 in 1



Self defense / defense device electric shock - flashlight stun gun baton - TW10

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Stun gun + LED FLASHLIGHT + Alarm - TW10 / 120db

This is TW-10 type high-powered anti-riot self-defense stun gun, easy to carry. Taser is suitable for joggers, security guards, and people who have to go late at night to go home.

Main parameters:

1.Output pulse voltage: 2400KV
2. Strong lighting
3. Size: 17.5 * 7.5 * 3.3 cm
4. Weight with packaging 210 g.

This self-defensive Stun gun has several special functions such as high voltage electric shock, strong illumination and alarm.
Stun gun is made of ABS engineering plastic and alloy metal with a high voltage generator and a built-in nickel - cadmium battery.

Usage and attention:

1. Press up on the switch once to light up the flashlight..
2. Press the switch twice to turn on the shocker.
3. The quantity of electric may be not adequate enough after accomplished, so please check first before use.
4. This product is equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery and a built-in charger.
5. The charge time should be 3 - 5 hours. Please pay attention to end the charging time. During charging, the shocker can not be used.
6. Memory function and local action are specialized in rechargeable battery. After a long period of non-use, it should be checked and loaded again before use.
7. The stun gun should not be stored in a humid environment and in super high / low temperature. It shouldn`t be sunned or rained.
8. In order to extend the life span of usage, avoid continually ask using electric shock function for 5 seconds or more.
9. DO NOT shock metal objects.
10.DO NOT shock children, children, persons with heart disease and any vital part on human body.

By pressing the sprung trigger reset the device in operation. Jump over high voltage lightning discharges between the two contacts on the front edge of the case. The visually and audibly perceptible discharges have a deterrent effect and give the aggressor in touch strong surges.
This device also has an LED light on the front of the device used at close range.
In addition, this unit features a 120 db siren strong which also can be very effective help to deter. This is how the LED lamp also switched on and off separately from.

The power supply is ensured by a built-in battery and requires no batteries. To extend the life and reduce the memory effect it would make sense to load the device once a month ..

Effect of short electric shocks:
Brief electric shocks from a quarter of a second duration may already deter an attacker and cause minor muscle contractions.

Medium effect electric shock:
In an average period of one to four seconds can bring an attacker to case and lead to disorientation.

Effect of long electric shocks:
A full use of five seconds duration can cause the attacker to no longer capable of being controlled movements. Orientation and balance disorders can cause the opponent to fall and still affect him a few minutes later.

Note: Every electric shock by over a second time can bring an opponent to fall and thus lead to injuries from falls. Use our products in case of emergency or for self-defense!
The specified voltage in volts brings primarily a better penetration in example bulky garments. The effect on the body is not significantly different from devices with lower voltage.

WARNING! - Do not test the device while charging. This can lead to its breakage!

Note: Buy Stun Gun in EU only if your are at least 18 years old.




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S12 Stun Gun + LED Flashlight + Alarm 120db - 3 in 1

S12 Stun Gun + LED Flashlight + Alarm 120db - 3 in 1

Self defense / defense device electric shock - flashlight stun gun baton - TW10

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