About us

Our company distributes many kinds of goods inside the European Union. All goods are located on the territory of the EU, so there are no additional costs, such as customs and similar charges! We have over 10000 satisfied customers.

Our product range includes:

Items for self-defense
--- Protect yourself and what is important to you! ---
-Stun Guns and Taser (also in conjunction with additional functions)
-Brass Knuckles in different versions
-Laser Pointer in different colors
-Knifes/Throwing Stars/Nunchucks
-Batons (expandable)
-Pepper Sprays and Gels

Utensils for camping, hunting, fishing, etc.
--- Things that make your life easier and make every trip a pleasure. ---

Entertainment articles
--- Let your friends be amazed and envious! ---

Please inform yourself about the product legality in your country before placing your order. In many cases, possession is legal, but is prohibited in public and to public events is a violation of law. We are NOT responsible for the receipt and use of the purchased goods.
The Buyer will get the tracking number for following the shipment after finishing the ordering process.
darkstreet.biz is not responsible for the estate or the use of our products by the customer and we aren't liable for any resulting damage.
darkstreet.biz does NOT guarantee the receipt of the goods ordered, as authorities may confiscate individual packages which may be prohibited in your country.

If you have questions, contact us any time via email to: darkstreetbox@gmail.com