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    Here you will find products for self-defense and entertainment. All the products are located in the European Union. You do not pay customs and other additional costs.

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On darkstreet.biz you can buy tasers, stun guns, expandable batons, brass knuckles, butterfly and hunting knives, lasers, peppersprays and other productsfor self-defense. To buy products of our website you have to be at least 18 years old.
Some products on sale may not be legal in your country. Please inform yourself about laws regarding the estate and handling weapons and things alike.
We have no responsibility for the estate or use of products ordered from us.
The Buyer will get the tracking number for following the shipment after finishing the ordering process.
darkstreet.biz is not responsible for the estate or the use of our products by the customer and we aren't liable for any resulting damage.
darkstreet.biz does NOT guarantee the receipt of the goods ordered, as authorities may confiscate individual packages which may be prohibited in your country.
By placing an order, the buyer confirms that he / she agrees with this text and is of age.